Safety web

Texting along with various folks…

I texted our friends of porterization *yesterday* about meeting at Knight’s tonight. I reminded them that this weekend is the UMich spring graduation. Hint hint, Knight’s might be slammed tomorrow night, so try for a reservation a day early. Yes, I could’ve made a reservation myself but the Porters are better known at Knight’s than I am so I always figger that it’s best if JP makes the reservation. I was not wrong about that. “Mr. Porter” and “Mrs. Porter” were bandied about left and right and somehow in a transaction I don’t even want to try to figger out, JP was gifted a Knight’s T-shirt by one of the long-time servers there.

As I began my walk home, I was greeted by this beautiful sky-scape and a text message or two or three from my beach urchins and others. I replied that I was walking home from Knight’s and a beach urchin asked me to confirm when I was safely ensconced home at the Landfill. I definitely confirmed, including the additional information that my leftover box from Knights had sort of exploded in my backpack on the way home. Note to self, schlep one of those plastic grokkery bags that you are always trying to get rid of the next time you think you are gonna backpack restaurant leftovers home. Jeebus.

I am happy that the beach urchins look after me (although I am NOT 90 🐸🐸🐸). I just appreciate that we all have the technology to check up on each other more or less unobtrusively. I remember being annoyed when I was a teenager (and 20-something) and my parents got freaked out when I didn’t get home when they expected me to. Not to go into all of this in detail but there were no cell phones in those days and we didn’t have a PHONE at the cabin at all so if I did need to call my parents and managed to find a phone to call them, I couldn’t call them because there wasn’t a phone. In a true emergency, I could’ve called my uncle’s cabin next door. He was a doc and had a phone. Fortunately I never needed to call for an emergency but it would’ve been so cool to be able to text my moom to say I was fine, just a wee bit late.

Technology has changed so much since then and so tonight I was walking home from Knight’s texting with various folks on my iPhone X.

Love y’all,

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I also love the WhatsApp for when my kids are out of the country. I don’t like taking technology for granted though since cell phones can die/get broken, at least in my kids’ hands. 🙂