Arctic spring

It has been a cold spring here on the Garden Planet but somehow the spring wildflowers are not all that late in blooming. So here is Bloodroot. Trout Lily, and Siberian Squill are also blooming in “my” woods.

I walked over to the Plum this afternoon and after that, I dropped off my backpack and headed over into the mini-woods behind the Landfill. I was looking for wildflowers. The teensiest tinesiest dachshund on earth happened to be in ownership of “my” woods and barked the heck out of me. I was smart enough to not get down to his level (thinking of an incident that happened at the moominbeach last summer).

His young female human was really fun to talk to. I told her from the get-go that I was not afraid of her dog and that I was in the woods looking for flowers. And that got us going! I told her that the white flowers (in the pic) were Bloodroot and the yellow flowers that she wasn’t familiar with were Trout Lilies. And that we usually have trillium and jitp (jack-in-the-pulpit) by now. She got really excited about that. So much fun to make a new friend. I’m gonna guess that this young woman was not born when we bought the Landfill…

One Response to “Arctic spring”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Fun to have those unexpected conversations! My tulips are blooming late, but it’s OK since I enjoy them any time.