Berkeley Bowl

Okay, so I am not the biggest flyer around. I don’t do crazy things like fly to Alaska and stay there for a few days and then spend 30 hours back home on the Planet Ann Arbor before flying over to England for a week. I don’t spend five weeks (or whatever) in Australia (taking a few flights around to visit places in that country/continent just for fun) and then, after a week at home (on the Planet Ann Arbor), fly to Korea for a week. South Korea, that is. MMCB1 does these kinds of things on a regular basis. I cannot keep up with her travels.

A long time ago when the beach urchin Lizard Breath first moved out to Californy and was living in Berkeley, her baggy old moom actually boarded an airplane and went to visit her. As it turned out, LB’s vee-hickle ended up going into a shop for some sort of repair that day so she couldn’t meet her moom at the airport. Ulp. It’s okay, said moom (aka meeeee). I’ll figger out the BART. And I did, oh boy oh boy, albeit not without instructions and some interesting moments along the way.

By the time we got to the Berkeley Bowl that evening, I was pretty roto, having been awake for I fergit how many hours. I was wandering around in the Bowl and some guy asked me where some kind of esoteric vegetable was. Um I did not know but I *think* I remember trying to point him in the right direction. There was some kind of conversation that I can’t remember in which I told him I did not work at the Berkeley Bowl. Apparently he thought I looked like a regular Berkeley-type person. This cracked me up but I was also flattered by it. Hey, yooper gal here in Californ-iii-aaa.

I loved the Berkeley Bowl and I loved every little bit of California I saw while I was out there although I was ready at the end to schlep back across the country to good old DayTwa Metro, the Planet Ann Arbor, and the Yooperland, where The Commander and Radical Betty and a lot of their friends were still alive and kicking you know what. I still wish for an apparation app. There is now a Berkeley Bowl coooookboooook and I think I might just buy a copy.

I am up later than I want to be especially since tomorrow is a BIG DAY with the Kain-tucky Derby going on and it seems that we will be putting the Lyme Lounge Traveling Tiki Bar to use.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I am much more willing to take a 2 hour flight than make a 20 hour drive to L.A. and brave the freeways to get there. Ugh. That’s funny about the Berkeley look. I know exactly what the stereotype looks like. Up here in Washington it would be the Olympia or Bellingham look. 🙂