In which the Lyme Lounge and Tiki Bar invades an otherwise loverly neighborhood

It was Kentucky Derby day and we have long celebrated that day by watching the race with a wee bit of bourbon in some format or another. Mint juleps are traditional, I think, and we have mint in our yard but I was never crazy about drinking bourbon in a mint “slurry” so we sorta switched to regular old ‘hattans quite a while back.

Today we schlepped the Lyme Lounge and Tiki Bar over to Porterland to watch the Derby with our friends of porterization in their driveway. Today we taste-tested weeeeee bits of Woodford Reserve bourbon of various sorts while watching the Derby on the Porters’ iPad with sound via our cute li’l bluetooth speaker. I’m not sure what the porterland neighborhood thought about the Lyme Lounge’s presence in their driveway.

Did we win or not? The two horses I picked were at the absolute BOTTOM of the race. The GG picked another horse for me that came in third (show, right?) so I have maybe won enough money to buy, lemme see, maybe a li’l box of microgreens at the farmers market. We’ll talk about that “indulgence” some other day.

I’m a bit puzzled about “our” gambling habits. It used to be that we would choose a Kentucky Derby horse for FUN and not bet anything on it. And then, since we have friends who drive over to Northville Downs *anyway*, we started placing $2 bets. All of a sudden we seem to be placing $10 bets. I am still in it all just for the fun. I make my own money by working for Corporate America (knock on wood). So fun to watch the derby with friends though.

So bacon? We were at the Plum Market today and, as usual, I sent the GG off so I could concentrate on my grokkery list. We reconvened at the checkout and he greeted me with, “Are you buying bacon?” Jeebus. Yes, yes, yes, I am buying bacon. Bacon is goooooood.

3 Responses to “In which the Lyme Lounge and Tiki Bar invades an otherwise loverly neighborhood”

  1. Sam Says:

    Bacon—we know it is sacred food!

  2. Grumpy Growler Says:

    We won enough money to pay off all the bets and the cost of gasoline to go pick up our winning dollars. I picked the win and show horses!

  3. Margaret Says:

    $10 doesn’t seem like an extravagant bet to me. Once a year. 🙂