Drinkin’ in the mornin’

Okay, we were at HOMES Brewery and technically it’s possible that Mouse snagged this pic a weeeee bit before noon. But this was after a full morning of hiking out in the Nan Weston Preserve in the western parts of our own Washtenaw County.

We began the day with an egg/asparagus breakfast. With BACON, of course. We didn’t want a lot to eat and this hit the spot. And then, our Mouse drove all of us in the Frog Hopper out to the Sharon Hollow area of western Washtenaw County to check out the new Nan Weston preserve. So gorgeous! Spring wildflowers everywhere on a hike down to the River Raisin and back and no insects to speak of. At least no biting insects. I did encounter a few buzzers and some gnat-like thingies at one point. I have not found any ticks. I wore tights to keep the ticks off but I’m thinking there wasn’t enough grass out there to harbor any ticks.

We were out there for a couple hours and then we took a slow drive east along Pleasant Lake Road past the Rossettie Airport back onto The Planet Ann Arbor, where we ended up at HOMES for lunch and this silly pic. I needed a new facebook profile pic anyway.

If I happen to get to the yooperland at the right time, I will see a lot of the wildflowers we saw today again.

We were all using our iPhones a *lot* out there in the preserve, mostly to take photos. Some folks think it’s a bad thing to be tethered to your phone computer when you are out “communing with nature”. I think there are times to put your phone computer in your pocket and leave it there. But it can also be a valuable tool for documenting plants and other phenomena and learning more about them.

Sigh. We missed the Waterhill music fest today. It was in our original plans for today but our hike with our Mouse was well worth changing plans for. I mean, we could’ve still done Waterhill but I wanted some downtime today and the GG absolutely crashed out about an hour after HOMES.

I do regret missing Sax on the Roof but we may have missed that anyway given our typical random meanderings through the Waterhill music fest. We would be more likely to see Mrs. Henderson’s piano students or the Bach Elementary School Brass band. Do NOT get me wrong. I love Waterhill and LOVE that musicians of all levels can participate. Just didn’t make it this year.

G’night, KW. Wildflower pics throughout the week if nothing interesting happens, which will probably be the case.

3 Responses to “Drinkin’ in the mornin’”

  1. Jay Says:

    I was not in the brass band, but I was in the Bach orchestra.

  2. Tonya Watkins Says:

    I LOVE that photo! Perfect! (And I really liked the wildflower photos you posted on FB. Gorgeous!)

  3. Margaret Says:

    Very nice photo!! As you predicted, I’m now using my iPhone almost exclusively as my camera. So, it’s out quite a bit these days! 😉