Yes, it is okay with me when people correct or question spelling and other word-smithing on my blahg. I mean, I’m not really looking for full-blown critiques of my writing “style” or whatever it is. But spelling does matter to me. FZ catches stuff for me at work (“weeky” / “weekly”?). He is at least as picky as I am. Y’all can do it on my blahg. FZ doesn’t read it – I hope!

I don’t think I have ever gotten less than maybe one wrong on a spelling test going back all the way to 1st or maybe it was 2nd grade. I bailed out of a classroom spelling bee once by spelling “congratulations” with a “d” – “congradulations”. That’s the last time I ever spelled that word incorrectly. I have never lost a spelling bee because of spelling “accommodate” with one “m” but it is one of my bugaboos, a word I have to think twice about just about every time I type it. It’s/its? Let’s not go there. Yes, I know the rules. I still screw up.

When I *don’t* know how to spell a word, or more likely I am unsure I am using the correct word, I look it up. The Google is a keystroke away. But stuff happens, especially if you are writing at the end of the day while multi-tasking away at getting dinner and talking to the radio. I am not ashamed to make mistakes.

Lilly was an interesting one though given that I have had some interesting times with not only flowers with lily in their names but an ancestor whose last name was “Lillie”. It is one of my great grandmothers and I never knew her. I grew up occasionally hearing the name though and it always caught my attention. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized that this ancestor was on my *dad’s* side, not my mother’s. For some reason, I always thought there was a Lily Road near where my mother grew up but now the Great Google tells me I am probably wrong about that. Anyway, I have now internalized the fact that my Lillie ancestor was on my dad’s side and have stopped myself from trying to spell it “Lilley”. But that wasn’t why I spelled the flower wrong, that was just sloppy typing.

One last thing. I do sometimes spell things wrong *intentionally*. Like “blahg.”

P.S. I was voter number 2 today. Mr. Mxyzptlk beat me there as usual. Smooth voting experience despite a new ballot-eating musheen.

One Response to “Lily/Lilly/Lillie/Lilley”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have a couple of words I misspell or wouldn’t even attempt. There are a couple of long states that start with C. and M. that I struggle with. The word rhythm which I usually have to have two or three tries at. 🙂