Blood root redux

A while back I posted a photooo of a blood root flower all folded up before Mr. Golden Sun traveled above the horizon. I didn’t know what it was but Mouse did. Here is another blood root in full flower. Now that I know what the LEAF looks like, MAYBE I will remember it again next spring? “We” (aka Mouse) pronounced this a rather late blood root. This was the only one we saw in bloom in the Nan Weston Nature Preserve and the flowers are all gone from the ones in the woods.

I kinda fergot that the Orange Barrel Season begins in early May. That hit me upside the head on Monday and I am still trying to figger out my homeward commute. I still get to do my Zen Commute in the morning (J$ thinks “Zen Commute” is pretty funny, I’m not sure why). Afternoon? Highway to Hell. I can no longer take the I94 18-wheel Slogway home. It’s not that the Slogway is under construction, crowded, or backed up. It’s that I cannot GET to the Slogway. At least not in under a half hour. I think it is maybe two miles from Cubelandia to the Slogway? Jeebus H Mackinac Kee-reist!

So, for the duration, I am taking the “Go All the Way Down to the Bottom” route home (say that in a British accent if you will). It is longer than the Slogway route but at least I am moving. Except for when I am not. Like that whole Scio Church bridge over the Slogway and other bottlenecks.

In the category of You Need A Job? I was a wee bit “late” (whatever late means, I think it was 10 minutes and I don’t punch a clock) getting home from Cubelandia on Monday because… You’ve already read all of my kvetching. He was sorta pacing around. I finally asked if he was worried about my whereabouts. Well, yes. As a matter of fact, he was envisioning me crumpled up in my Ninja somewhere. It wouldda been pretty hard to get into a serious accident given where I was driving and how slow everyone was going. Knock on wood.

One Response to “Blood root redux”

  1. Margaret Says:

    What is the Orange Barrel Season? Once again, I’m thankful that my 37 year commute to work was about 7 minutes over country roads. 🙂