Hello Muddah, hello faddah

I am not a fan of celebrating Mother’s Day. I think that every day is Mother’s Day and I feel for those who struggle with motherhood. Those who want to have children but can’t and those who have strained relationships with their parents/children.

I have been blessed in my life both to have parents I could get along with (not that it was always easy) and children who dance in my chitchen. Somehow our little family has managed to establish its own little traditions. Like, the beach urchins always try to come over for dinner on Mother’s Day. One of them usually schleps over a couple of flats of impatiens. She did that today but I didn’t manage to pot them yet because it is pretty darn cold here today. I’ll pot them throughout the week as the weather warms.

This year, the GG is outta town and the beach urchins made home-made ravioli for dinner. In my chitchen. We had several courses of ravioli and it was all good. Thinking about my moom (Frances) and my grandmothers. My dad’s mom Margaret who I knew and often stayed with at her house a few blocks away from mine. My mom’s mom Emily who I didn’t know because she was killed in a car accident when my mom was 15. And my step-grandmother Bolette who did not have any children but loved me as if I were her biological grandchild.

One Response to “Hello Muddah, hello faddah”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m not a fan of MD either, but the day does make for a good excuse to get together (either by phone or in person) with loved ones, and to remember fondly those who were our mothers/grandmothers or a facsimile thereof. 🙂