Close encounters

First, just around the time I wanted to leave for Cubelandia this morning, a big rainstorm with lightning and the whole works descended. I kinda wanted to snuggle up with all of the aminals on the Green Couch and work from home for a bit but the forecast didn’t look like it was gonna get any better for the next couple hours and we had an all-hands re-org-type meeting scheduled that I wanted to be IN THE OFFICE for, so I sucked it up and schlepped over.

First encounter? Driving s-l-o-w-l-y on Cubelandia’s squiggly little road, I could barely see *anything* in the rain but there was some sort of being heading out across the road. Daddy Goose along with Mama and a bunch of goslings. I stopped in time and no one rear-ended me.

Number 2: Driving home on a high-speed back road. WHAT IS *THAT*? I *think* it was a Sandhill Crane crossing the road. It was too big to be a turkey. I did not hit it but I had to SLAM on the brakes. Again, nobody rear-ended me although there was a sorta-tailgater behind me.

Three: Potting my Muddah’s Day impatiens, I got buzzed! By what I am sure was a hummingbird. I’m not sure what it was doing in our yard. We don’t put out food for them. Although we could, no bears around these parts.

And then, Bekket (3 years old and I have no clue how they spell her name and I hope I am spelling it wrong because I don’t want her to be google-able via my blahg) came crying into our yard but was stymied because she got to a place where two fences intersect, meaning she was trapped. Dad was in hot pursuit and managed to get her to calm down and go inside with him. The issue was that she didn’t *want* to go inside.

A few minutes after that, a pointy-eared mammal rounded the corner into the yard, taking the same path as Bekket had done a bit before. This mammal did what Bekket probably wanted to do, which was to scale the fence and drop down the other side into a neighbor’s back yard. And no, this pointy-eared mammal was not a cat. It was a raccoon.

Other than that, the usual birds and chippies and that is about all I have for today.

One Response to “Close encounters”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Nasty weather, but many adventures with neighbors and wild life. Love your stories!