Taking our leave of the beauteous Cfam Cabin at Houghton Lake, I followed the Lyme Lounge up to the Yooperland. Here I am following the Lyme Lounge across the Mackinac Bridge.

And here I am 50-something miles later, still following the Lyme Lounge.

And yes, you are right, there are not a lot of leaves on the trees yet. This is the yooperland. Spring happens when it happens. That’s okay, usually it means there are not a whole lot of mo-skee-toes (although we did encounter a few of those today). It was so hot here today (70s, I mean) that about the first thing I did was open the windows and switch out the glass in the doors for screens. A couple years ago, we got here for Memorial Day weekend and discovered a broken pipe and the GG dern near froze to death hanging out under the cabin fixing it. Today not so much. Here’s my first photooo of the beach for the season.

After lunch and errands in Brimley, we kibbitzed with npJane on the deck, then hit the beach. We had some help getting various botes out this year. I remember being a teenager and getting pressed into this kind of service. Many thanks to Cap’n *Queen* Leila, two of her triplet siblings (graduating from high school this weekend!), and npJane, who had already done her share of hard labor today, hauling mattresses around, etc.


…and a motor bote.

And finally, a pic of C*Q*L and the GG kayaking. No, they do not have life jackets on. No, that is not a good thing. They did not venture past the second sandbar on this expotition and after this pic, they paddled a few houses down to Jeep and Pan’s, where they obtained NEW lifejackets for the return trip. We take water safety very seriously here at the moominbeach so me and npJane were kind of grumbling that they went out without life jackets and I was very happy to see them return with them. npJane was involved in reporting a kayak accident just yesterday and although all seemed to turn out well, it reminded all of us that stuff happens.

This is my homeland but so is The Planet Ann Arbor and the cFam cabin at Houghton Lake and here is a song about homelands [youtube] from a long time ago that I kind of forgot about. This song is kind of melancholy and there have been times in my life when I have missed my homeland desperately. Nowadays I come and go pretty calmly and I love being here whether or not there are a whole lot of people with me. Kids, nieces, aunt and uncle (only one pair remaining on the Fin side), cousins of all degrees and my gosh, C*Q*L walked into the moomincabin kitchen after school today and she is not taller than me yet but it certainly won’t be long.


One Response to “Homelandia”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You have many homelands, and they are all imbued with memories and great times. You are very fortunate!