Baby Bird Day

So, this morning not too long before I got to Cubelandia, Mooma GOOSE (not duck) herded her five(?) live goslings off of their nest and down to the ponds. There are varying opinions about how many eggs there were but apparently multiple goslings hatched and this lone egg was left for the raccoons or whoever wants it. We’ve been watching and kibbitzing about Mooma and her eggs for quite some time now and I guess we will now kibbitz about how long the remaining egg stays there. I predict the egg will be gone when I get back on Tuesday. She laid her eggs in a strange place, a 3-foot diameter circle of grass on the big patio outside the lunchroom door to Cubelandia, i.e., a very public place and surrounded by cement. Or is it concrete? Fact-checkers?

And then, Amazon Woman was in her office and she kept hearing duck-like noises. She checked her phone. Was it making strange noises? I know about this because EONS ago when I got my first iPhone, I assigned the duck noise to Lizard Breath as a ring tone. I was walking one day and my phone was in my pocket and I kept hearing a duck faintly quacking. But I was nowhere near any water. What was it? Finally, I pulled out my phone and sure enough there was a missed call.

Anyway, eventually someone said something about a duckling and Amazon Woman realized that, yes, there was an actual *duckling* hanging around inside Cubelandia. Nikio’s sister (who also works at Cubelandia) encountered it in the parking lot and it became “imprinted” on her and kept following her. No adult ducks could be found, so sis brought it inside, where it refused to leave her immediate proximity. At one point, it took a nap on her wrist, rendering her work impossible.

I am hoping that she has by now contacted a wildlife rehabilitator. We have all kinds of folks who do that kind of work in our area. I think she really wants to take it home but her sister Nikio (who has adopted several dogs and cats from rescue outfits) was lobbying for a rehabber.

I left early so I dunno exactly what decision was made about the duckling. We traveled up the I75 SUV Speedway in true Snowbilly style, driving both of our vee-hickles, one of them towing the Lyme Lounge. We have made a hard stop for the night at the cFam cabin at Houghton Lake. It is a gorgeous day here and the GG cut the lawn so those who want to visit for the weekend can enjoy not having to do that chore!🧡 We will continue our northward journey tomorrow, landing at the moomincabin for the weekend. The GG opened the moomincabin a couple weeks ago but there is a lot more work to do. And npJane is up there. Hooray!

2 Responses to “Baby Bird Day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Poor duckling! I hope a solution can be found. Without googling, I think cement is used to make concrete. Or I could have that turned around. 😉

  2. Paulette Attie Says:

    A few years back, on Birch Point Beach, our lab gently retrieved a baby gosling that was running up the path. Momma and other goslings were nowhere in sight. We think that this little sweetie was the last of the eggs to hatch and so Momma and the siblings had left. We kept him for the night, then called Chippewa County animal control. It just so happened that the animal control officer there raised geese and other animals. She took it home and helped it thrive. She let us know when she released it to the wild. Happy ending there…