Thinkin’ I need a new Edmund Fitz mug

Mine is pretty darn faded. I’d post a pic but it’s over at Cubelandia and I am at the Landfill. I was thinking just today that it really needed to be run through the dishwasher. I am the only one who ever uses it and I haven’t drinken (intentionally mis-grammared) anything but water out of it since forever but still.

I was talking to Angio this morning. We were watching Mooma Duck Goose out on her nest. According to Farmer John, TODAY was the day the eggs were supposed to hatch. And they did. I’m not sure whether all six eggs translated into living goslings but goslings were sighted by the end of the day. Farmer John may have managed to get a pic. And then Tok was out there with his big oogly cam so he prob’ly did get pics. Zoom, point, and shoot. I didn’t try to get close enough with my iPhone cam.

Anywhoo, Angio and I were talking about the weekend and for whatever reason I spilled that I was taking a long weekend. And then, upon questioning, revealed that I was going to the moomincabin. And then of course I had to ‘splain about the moomincabin. How long have you owned it, she wanted to know. Since 1924. That elicited a gasp from Angio and some ‘splainin’ from me. Yes, my grandparents originally bought the property. I grew up in Sault Ste. Siberia. We spent the WHOLE summer at the moomincabin, from the day after school got out until Labor Day. My dad drove into town to work every day. We had an outhouse then but we don’t any more. (But My Dear Uncle Harry does and I use it at least once a summer and always contribute a roll of TP when I do. May she stand forever.) And I did not grow up eating pasties. I don’t think I met one of those until I was about 18 and I was skeptical. Cheese in the crust? Whut? I don’t eat cheese. (I love them now, cheese in the crust or not.)

I love Angio and she is familiar with parts of the yooperland but it occurs to me after the fact that I probably don’t feel much different than some of my Indian colleagues do when people ask them questions about their homeland. Unless you grew up spending summers on the microcosm that was my family’s beach, it’s hard to describe what it is/was like there in the soundbite that a lot of people are looking for when they ask you questions like that.

Maybe I’ll make a mini-mission to find a new Edmund Fitz mug for Cubelandia while I’m up there. I’m sure I could find one online but I would rather put a few bucks into the yooperland economy for whatever it’s worth.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Hard to explain a lifetime of memories and a different culture (it sounds like); I grew up in Puyallup, which used to be very agricultural and a small town. Now it’s a bedroom suburb of Seattle with not as many farms as I grew up with. And WAY too much traffic!