When you are down to five levels of headings to organize your content…

…it means there is a better, more creative way to organize your content. Systems Analysis 101, lesson 2.

5th-level headings was the state of one of my current prodjects when I led a review of it at Cubelandia this morning. I feel for the folks who have been trying to decipher this document. *I* can’t even decipher the document and I *wrote* it. I have four nebulous sources, all of which were written in Word Salad and somewhat randomly organized, including going BEYOND five levels of headings 🐽.

I have been flailing and floundering with this prodject and this morning I felt like I might never pull myself out of the murky depths. And I’m scheduled for a wee bit of vacay this weekend. Just a weeee bit mind you, a day and a half. But it’s been a looooonnnng slodge with only 2.5 days PTO off since xmas. Still, I didn’t want to leave my colleagues with this big mess, even for a long weekend, even though I really need this little vacay and everyone knows it.🧡

Hark! I have been in this place with projects before and I usually manage to regroup myself and write something “sparkly”. And lo, I went from the review to another meeting and something sparked and I sat there and started the matrix that I have been struggling to create for the last week or so. I finished the matrix and then I attacked my stinky old five-level-heading word document and I am not finished with it yet but those horrible headings are gone and I am rocketing off to the stars with a new and sparkly version. With lots of pictures! A picture is worth 1,000 words. Systems Analysis 101, lesson 1.

Cheers to me and cheers to y’all and cheers to Bekket for running her parents’ lives and cheers to Ano for making a quick non-barking foray into the Landfill Backyard tonight.

P.S. When I got home today, the home pod (or whatever it is) was not tuned to NPR. For a minute I was disgruntled because I like to listen to news after work. But then I realized that it was ALSO not tuned in to some kind of Trumpian Bombasty Right Wing station. It is folk music. This is more like it. I love folk music. We all have to live together and I believe we have some responsibility to take care of each other and that’s a lot of what folk music is about. I won’t go any further with that for now.

One Response to “When you are down to five levels of headings to organize your content…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I think my writing works a lot like yours; my mind has to get to a certain place and then the sparkly words and organization kick in. No right wing stations here, ever. Folk music is much more my style!