Pink shacks and terlet talk

A while back I was telling Amazon Woman about the text I got from the boat show. The one where I was thinking something like, “What the heck did he buy at the boat show?” I knew the GG was going to the boat show but I didn’t really expect him to buy anything much there. $500? Whut? I mean, I don’t care if he spends money, just that curiosity was killin’ the cat. As it turned out, he hadn’t spent money at the boat show at all, he was mitigating a Floriduh situation while *at* the boat show. So, I was thinking this was a humorous (in a way) story but then I noticed AW looking at me in a kind of alarmed way like, are you okay? Do you need some help? I quickly shifted gears and assured her that all was well with us, no problem, this is just part of our life. Just a very high-level quick glimpse behind the [usually] mild-mannered systems analyst facade I put on at work. Like, you guys wouldn’t believe come some of the stuff that goes on in my Real Life 🐲

Today… I got a text message from the GG to meet him and npJane at HOMES The Wolverine after work. So I drove over to The Wolverine HOMES after work. And it was closed. It is always closed on Monday. I knew that. The GG and npJane were happily ensconced at The Wolverine talkin’ terlets and stuff. We agreed to regroup at Knight’s and so we did. Which is where the talk ranged from terlets to green bags to pink shacks to Devil’s Tower to Carload Spence to dangerous African aminals (and stupid people) and I dunno what else.

This is my annual baby bird photo. I think there are probably other baby birds in this birdhouse but this is the only one that showed up as I walked by and intruded upon the bird family’s privacy.

My train of thought has left the station. G’night. KW

One Response to “Pink shacks and terlet talk”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Love the free-ranging topics that you all discuss! I’m glad that Patt and I weren’t connected on-line because he bought all sorts of tools that I didn’t think he needed. Best I not know. Another compound mitering chop saw?? Really? When he died and I had to sell all those excellent tools, I would have asked him why he needed so many saws of various types(in quadruplicate if that’s a word) and paint sprayers. 🙂