He has a Grease Rock?

Yes, the GG has a Grease Rock somewhere out in the back yard. How do I know this? Because I left a pan with some olive oil (from sauteing chicken breasts) to chill on my loverly quartz countertop at the back of the chitchen, out of the way until I had time to pour the cooled off grease into the garbage. Of course I forgot about it but then the GG found it. He was all excited about dumping it on his Grease Rock, wherever that is. Mouse seemed to know about it but I don’t.

A morning of stress. I FORCED myself to go out to the Jackson Road Meijer to buy a bunch of stuff to take up to the moomincabin next weekend. Cleaning supplies, toiletries, and non-perishable food items for the summer. It’s not like I couldn’t have waited to purchase these items until we got up there. The yooperland does have comprehensive stores including a *Meijer* up in Sault Ste. Siberia and I bet I will even go to that Meijer while I’m up there. But I would rather spend as much of my time in the yooperland as possible at the *cabin*, not shopping. Better to do it down here and schlep it all up. It seems we will be schlepping up there in two vee-hickles and the Lyme Lounge so it isn’t like we won’t have enough room for all of it.

A series of text messages in various threads contributed to the stress, not to mention the road construction that suddenly began on the North Maple Speedway today. All I really wanted to do this morning was take a ride out into the luxuriantly green countryside and we did that. While we were out, the out-of-control text messages got pulled back into focus and I made another grokkery list of things to get at the Plum on the way home.

When I finally got home it was around noon and as I sorted out several hundred dollars (yes really) worth of groceries for various places and events, I began the zen of making enchiladas. I made chicken enchiladas and then made the sauce and grated the cheese for a veggie version that Lizard Breath dreamed up and assembled when she got here. By the time our guests (a cute 3-month old gosling and his parents) arrived, I was pretty well chilled out.

All I will say is that I hope the gosling reacts to his experience with the GG by SLEEPING rather than getting totally keyed up.

And I’ll have to figure out where the Grease Rock is.

2 Responses to “He has a Grease Rock?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    A grease rock, interesting! Hope you are not feeling as stressed. xoxo

  2. Sam Says:

    I am familiar with what we call cow rocks, but grease rocks I do not know. AKA: I visit ababsurdo among other things to become educated about things I do not know. Like grease rocks.