Where was I?

I went to the Farmers Market alone this morning. The GG returned yesterday from a week of gallivanting around in the north country and I could tell he really needed to sleep.

I ran into a friend down there, one I haven’t seen for a while. I took classes with this woman at WCC 10 years ago or thereabouts. She apparently didn’t ever hook up with an IT job. She is still running her farm and selling stuff at the farmers market. She is successful at that. I cannot believe that I haven’t run in to her at the market in all these years. Today, we connected.

Seeing me somehow set her off a bit, ranting about how a lot of the young folks who took classes at WCC now have wonderful jobs in places like Chicago. I have loved Chicago when I have visited but I would not want to live there. I think I told her that I had an IT job but I don’t think she really wanted to know that, so I shut myself up because she was kind of going on and on about how the young folks got all the breaks and the “boomers” did not.

I felt for her. It isn’t easy to get an IT job when you are a 50-something woman. Somehow I totally fell into one when I was in that age range.

So, I have done well at my career although things feel shaky at this point in time but I am okay with whatever happens next. I am sad that my farmer friend never found an IT job. I can’t help her with that but I will definitely visit her market booth whenever she is there. It isn’t easy and after 10 years on the job, I sometimes have to pinch myself to remind myself that I am working for (decent) pay at all.

One Response to “Where was I?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I fell into my career also; I was at the right place at the right time. (and knew the right people) It was a fluke.