Thinking in fragments

It was an intense week at work.

But it was *mostly* just good puzzles to solve.

The same people were at work this week as were at work last week.

The city of Saline went without water for most of a day.

People without survivalist stores of water hanging about were a bit disgruntled about not being able to take a shower.

It made me remember the bag shower I bought to use at the moldy old Houghton Lake cabin in the winter back in the day.

That wouldn’t have helped my Saline co-worker because there was NO WATER AT ALL at her house.

Back at the moldy old Houghton Lake cabin, we could at least pump water out of the well.

The GG arrived home tonight after another 10 days or so away. He was [mostly] in the yooperland this time.

We did the usual Friday night Oscar Tango thing and got ourselves porterized for a while in the Landfill Backyard afterwards.

It is now late for me to be up but not for the Porters.

I will be up and out of bed hours before the Porters are tomorrow.

The red and purple plastic adirondacks are new and I wish I could find more of those beautiful round double-decker tables.

The table is metal, not plastic.

I have a lot to do this weekend.

Shopping trips for…

1) an enchilada partay on Sunday

2) supplies for the moomincabin for the summer (yes, summer, really)

3) food for us for the next week and the moomincabin NEXT WEEKEND. Yes, really!

Love y’all and g’night.

2 Responses to “Thinking in fragments”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Love that table too! Does amazon have them? They seem to have everything else! I’m making potato salad for a baby welcoming get together at Henry’s Sunday. (his new great-nephew) I need to mow my lawn before it rains. But right now I’m being lazy with the cat. 😉

  2. l4827 Says:

    KW, if you are up already, then… we have now gotten up later… 🙂