The fog rolls in, the fog rolls out

The fog rolled in and out all day today and, when freighters were in the area, they “horned”, as a once three-year-old triplet kiddo characterized it long ago, “Mom, boats are horning!” Yes, indeed.

Today the family triplets graduated from Brimley High School. They are wonderful scholar-athletes and good people all around and we are all so very proud of them. A couple of them shared valedictorian-ship and a there was also a shared prom king-queen thing. Good kids and it has been wonderful to have the family inhabit my uncle and aunt’s once cabin/now house next door to us at the moomincabin. It was hard during the days after they died and the place was deserted. So glad to have the place filled with people and our own Cap’n *Queen* Leila running over to visit us whenever.

So here is the GG doing a bit of trail work on our mini trail down to the beach. We are all looking forward to a wonderful summer with a beach wedding and the whole works.

Love y’all, KW!

One Response to “The fog rolls in, the fog rolls out”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Exciting things happening and on the horizon! Love the positives.