Rooster in the neighbor, rooster in the neighbor, rooster in the neighborhood

And it is not ‘hicken. He cannot do a good cock-a-doodle-doo to save his life or even make any sound. But when I was walking in the woods today, I heard a rooster. It sounded more like er-er-er-er-roooo than cock-a-doodle-doo though. It is legal to keep backyard chickens on The Planet Ann Arbor but I did not think roosters were legal. I don’t really care one way or the other. I liked the sound of the rooster.

So there was a minor brouhaha about “summer casual” vs. “everyday jeans” at my work. I don’t understand the details about the dress code skirmish well enough to repeat them here. Something about exchanging “everyday jeans” for “summer casual Fridays”. The person who gets cranked up about this stuff does not even work at our site. She comes in once every couple months or so from wherever she lives.

I have my own work dress code, which is Sorta BizCaz with touches of Wilderness. I wear a “uniform”. I always wear a skirt. My skirt lengths vary but just barely above the knee is the shortest I go. (Nod to my 1960s high school mini-skirt-wearing self.) I don’t dislike dresses but they don’t mix and match with “tops”, don’tcha know. Tights? Yeah, unless it is hot and if so, bare legs. Sandals – Keens or Tevas – year-round. I used to keep a pair of BizCaz-able shoes in my cube but why bother. Tops? Winter is turtleneck sweaters with a vest of some sort. Summer is a Chico’s Traveler tank top with a lightweight hip-length cardigan sweater over it.

Today I got halfway to work and felt “naked”. I had on my summer tank top but I also had my polartech vest on. I needed it for my walk this morning and despite picking out a cardigan to wear, I managed to leave the house without switching into it when I left. Naked? Naked means bare shoulders in this case. I knew I was well within dress code standards but I still had a split-second moment of “do I need to go home and change?” NOOO! Keep on goin’. Plenty of people wear bare shoulders to work and this will be okay. And it was. In fact, I don’t think anyone even noticed it…

One Response to “Rooster in the neighbor, rooster in the neighbor, rooster in the neighborhood”

  1. Margaret Says:

    As a young teacher I dressed up a lot (high heels much of the time) but got more casual later. Rarely jeans, but slacks and blouses. Dress shoes but flat heels.