So this was fun

I think the first time the taaaaar light came on in my cute li’l Ninja was when it was a few months old. I do not like dashboard lights in general, especially on new cars, and I was a bit panicky but it turned out that the taaaar was just a weeeee bit low on air. As it turns out, the sensor on this vee-hickle seems to be ultra persnickety and the taaaaar light has come on about a billion times since then. I don’t exactly ignore the light but I have become so inured to it that I am capable of nonchalantly continuing on to Cubelandia, texting a pic of it to the GG so he can attend to it when I get home.

Today the taaaaar light was on. The taaaaar light has not come on in… Well, I can’t exactly remember the last time the taaaaar light came on. I had a kind of a premonition that this was not the usual “air is a weeeeee bit low” situation but nevertheless, I persisted. And everything was all right. I got over to Cubelandia just fine.

I spent the day noodling about accessible error messages (ours are not, yet) and other loverly little conundrums, breaking it up with my long-term-back-burner-when-I-need-a-break-from-deep-thinking re-coding prodject and the taaaaar light kinda sunk down to the extreme bottom of my brain.

I’m not exactly sure why it resurfaced but when I went out to get into the Ninja to head home, I thought maybe it would be a good idea to eyeball the taaaars. And guess what? For once, that silly little taaaaaar light actually meant something like, “You are going to have a flat taaaaar SOON!”

The Pensioner suggested that I might actually be able to figger out how to operate an air pump but I am a wimp when it comes to doing anything related to vee-hickle maintenance besides pumping gas so he schlepped over there and rescued me. We don’t know what the issue is (yet). He suspects a nail. I will be driving the Frog Hopper tomorrow (again) so he can figger it out.

Thanks for the rescue, buddy.

One Response to “So this was fun

  1. Margaret Says:

    Ashley and Ryan are having trouble with their tire light too on their brand new Honda Clarity. I don’t think they’ve had a flat tire yet, but Ashley did have to use a sort of fix a flat stuff. No spare tire for this car. Ack.