Friday night at the Oscar Tango and we were talking about septic tanks 💩

Yes, really. Hey, it beats “open borders” and the like. We are NOT getting along well here these days. It’s okay, after all these years, we are not gonna split up over this wee difference of opinion. I still need somebody around here who can fix terlets and things and rescue me when I have a flat taaaaaar.

I bagged work at just after 4:00 this afternoon. Everyone on my team was either gone, working from home, or asleep (India) and when I looked out into the parking lot, there may have been five vee-hickles there. All roight, I am outta here.

It was also raining and then when I got home, THUNDER! Oops. I walk in almost any weather but I do not walk in lightning. Fortunately by the time I actually left the Landfill, the storm had moved on and it wasn’t even raining at that point so I tied my raincoat around my waist and hoofed it downtown.

This will be a Work Weekend for me. I’ll be shopping for some food staples for the moomincabin freezer and throwing together lasagne and enchilada sauce to freeze and take north for whenever. Earlier in June I was losing a week, somehow against all reason thinking that *next* week was 4th of July week. Eventually I came to my senses and I am happier than all getout to have another whole week here on The Planet Ann Arbor, working over at my beloved Cubelandia.

Greeeeen here on The Garden Planet and haven’t had to water flowers or veggies all week. So far a beautiful summer in my adopted homeland.

One Response to “Friday night at the Oscar Tango and we were talking about septic tanks 💩”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Differences of opinion make relationships interesting, although sometimes volatile also. Patt and I could never discuss the death penalty because it caused “issues” like raised voices. 🙂 Our weather has been nice too, but we do need some rain.