My annual pea-shelling operation

Actually I shelled a sniggly bit of peas last weekend. It turned out they were mostly sugar snap peas, which supposedly don’t have to be shelled. I actually asked and the vendor said they were also shell-able. Well, sorta. I ended up with a few decent sized peas which I put raw into salads. I am really not all that crazy about sugar snap peas. I find them a bit stringy. But I think there were probably shelling peas last Saturday and I missed them and went to the wrong vendor.

Today? I *deliberately* looked for “shelling peas” and I hit the jackpot! Thick pods with big beautiful peas inside. I spent some good zen time shelling them here in the Landfill Backyard with the Neighborhood Rooster crowing in the background. I mean a real rooster, not ‘hicken there in the pic. *Look* at my “Mother’s Day” impatiens! I’m not sure you can see the water droplets on these petals even if you embiggen a couple of times but they are there. I can’t remember the last time I have had to water these flowers. Green green [youtube link].

Alas, shelling peas have a very short season around here and today was probably my only chance to get them. We will not be at our farmers market for the next two weeks and when we get there again there won’t be any peas. Of course, there *may* be corn! And *maybe* even some freshly shelled lima beans so there’s that. (I would pay *gold* for fresh shelled lima beans if I had to but probably $5 for a pint box is what I actually pay.)

One Response to “My annual pea-shelling operation”

  1. Margaret Says:

    There is always something yummy to look forward to! Your impatiens look great. I’ve never been able to grow them here.