Relatively lazy Sunday although I did motivate over to the Jackson Rd. Meijer to stock up on a few things to prepare for our upcoming week at the moomincabin. Utility beer (two 12-packs of Bell’s Two-Hearted) and canned tomatoes/sauce to pre-make lasagne and enchilada sauce. I’m not sure if we’ll use any of that stuff (except for the beer) but I am trying to have “emergency” food, etc., available at the moomincabin for the week, i.e., “it is a BEACH DAY and nobody wants to think about what to eat for dinner, let alone schlep out to a grokkery store, but we have these chicken thighs/steaks here and we can just throw ’em on the grill.”

Back in the day, there was a cute little meat/candy market in a re-purposed garage up on 6-Mile Road (where the “Aunt Jane’s What a Pickle” sign still is). We often did Community Dinners at the Old Cabin in those days and after a day of beach-sitting, our Moms (The Commander, Radical Betty, Bubs, and Esther Sherman if the Sherman Encampment was in residence) would schlep up there and get steak or ground beef for burgers. My granddaddy often helped complete our meals by showing up with a bushel of fresh corn from the local farmers he knew and/or a couple gallons of A&W root beer. We used to ask our parents if we could walk up to the Pickle-sign store. Oh c’mon mom, it’s only a mile and a half. No way Jose and knowing how much I hate to walk along highways now, they were right!

Okay, by the time I got back from Meijer, the GG was up and moving. He is fine, he was just slow this morning and that’s okay. It was a slow kind of day. He made a wee brek and then after the Sunday Morning song came on, we did a River Ride Plus, meaning after we were done with the river, we drove out to Chelsea and then down to Manchester and then through Bridgewater to Saline and up Wagner Road to home. I needed that today. I love the Moominbeach in the summer but I also love The Planet Ann Arbor area and I am torn between them.

When I took the flower photoooo, I did not notice ANY insects. If you embiggen it once or twice, you will see that there are MULTIPLE insects. I love when my camera sees things that I do not.

Love, KW

One Response to “Ennui”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like you have the best of both worlds. AND beer!! 🙂