“It’s an obstacle course around here” (and there are carpenter ants)

Me, to the postal delivery person this afternoon (except I didn’t say anything about the carpenter ants). Yes. I got home and things were crazy around here. The garbage/recycle/compost bins were all over the driveway and I had to move one of them out of my way to get me and my work crapola (laptop, lunch bag, etc.) into the Landfill. And there were so many ladders around, for a minute I thought I was in Ladderlandia (aka Drywall Bucketlandia). And a sleeping bag was drying, draped across a chair in the back room. And I dunno what else. And then. No one had made the bed. The GG ALWAYS makes the bed, a long story I will tell some other day. So I was wondering, “Where the HELL?”

This is where it gets a little weird in a 21st century way. I grabbed my iPhone and called the GG. Where the heck *are* you? Well. He was in the one place I did not look, which was the back yard! He was right there in plain sight. Jeebus.

I never know what I might find when I get home from Cubelandia. Apparently today was a Work Day. I dunno what-all he did today but when I got home he was painting a couple of benches he snagged from a former neighbor. And then he was back up on a ladder dealing with rotten wood and carpenter ants. It was apparently a busy day and I don’t really care if he didn’t make the bed, I just couldn’t figger out what was going on.

Me, I continue to take a Deep Dive into error messages. It is more interesting than it sounds but really, you do not want to know.

One Response to ““It’s an obstacle course around here” (and there are carpenter ants)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I hate ants of any kind. I have those little ones inside and hate them too!