I probably won’t stop on salami

But I can identify with the beach urchin who, at the age of five, came down for breakfast and said her brain was going around and around so fast she couldn’t stop it. Because mine is doing that today. In the beach urchin’s case, five minutes or so later, after all of the adults had gone on to other topics, the beach urchin said: “My brain just stopped. It stopped on salami.” And so her Grandmoom indulgently provided some salami for her breakfast.

My brain is not gonna stop today. I don’t think. Which means I either don’t write a blahg entry or you have to put up with a certain amount of Word Salad. Sorry. I know The Commander is reading this from somewhere, so I have to keep at it.

My main story today is that I actually bagged Cubelandia for a while and went OUT TO LUNCH! The GG and I met up with some of my MacMu fam over in Ypsilanti at the Sidetrack. Uncle Don and cousins Neil and Maija. My cousins both live out on the left coast and Maija is my doppelganger. She is maybe the cousin I knew the least as a child. She is two years younger and I flew with my mom from Sault Ste. Siberia to Ann Arbor when she was born so mom could help out but I have almost no memories of that trip besides that there were round windows on the airplane we took down and square windows on the return trip. And though we saw those cousins when we visited our grandparents as kids, I guess I gravitated to her brothers and other cousins who were closer to my age. So now we are making up for lost time🧡🧡🧡

We had so much fun at the Sidetrack and then I had to go back to Cubelandia, where I had a HUGE Sinking Spell. Yes I had some whine at lunch but not THAT much. But [nevertheless] I persisted and I got all the way through the “services” error messages today. A big chunk! How the heck did anyone ever get anything done back in the days of Three Martini Lunches? Should I try to watch Mad Men again? We tried Mad Men for a few episodes and I liked it but it doesn’t “work” for joint watching by me and the GG so maybe I need to binge-watch it by myself. My dad was an executive back in those days (albeit a small-town “suit”) and I’m sure there were boozy lunches from time to time but he took his job too seriously to do a three-drink lunch on anything approaching a regular basis. (Actually he ate homemade PBJ sandwiches more often than not, or just bread and butter.)

Alert! Alert! Alert! Is it raining? It is raining. Getcher MacBook inside NOW, KW!

Okay, my brain just stopped. It did NOT stop on salami.

One Response to “I probably won’t stop on salami”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t know how they did it either! If I have any alcohol at lunch, I’m toast for the rest of the day. Left coast? Are you talking my neck of the woods? 🙂