I need a spreadsheet

Since we are anticipating heading to the moominbeach for a week in the near future, I have been trying to use up every single blasted bit of food I possibly can so that I don’t have to return to rotting food. About face! Guests? Yes. I do like to make sure there is enough food for a decent dinner for guests. The Commander was better about that than I am but I think I rose to the occasion. I do have to say that it involved a stop at the Plum Market after a rather oogly commute along the Zen Route (the freeway was hosed), which is not always all that Zen on the homeward commute.

And it wasn’t Zen today but the Plum was fine and I got a whole salmon filet for tonight and a small piece of salmon filet to freeze and take up north for the few days the GG and I will be there along alone. And collard greens and rice and sesame oil (to cook the collards in). And I cooked the peas I shelled last Saturday. The GG grilled the salmon and Mouse engineered the collards and I think it all turned out relatively well.

And so we are once again strategizing how to get people from various places to the moominbeach. You can fly into the Chippewa County International Airport but it isn’t always that easy and it can be expensive. You can fly into Detroit Metro and rent a vee-hickle to drive the five hours to the moominbeach but…

We think we have figgered out how to schlep far-flung folks from Metro to the moominbeach and back and we will figure out how to loop the far-flung folks who may not be able to get there via Skype or whatever.

We are not using a spreadsheet… Yet… 🧡🧡🧡

One Response to “I need a spreadsheet

  1. Margaret Says:

    Oooh, I love salmon, especially sockeye! Hope it’s a great time with the fam.