Old fossils

Where is Mr. Flood when we need him? He might even be a better president than Mickey Mouse, who is my usual go-to preference for prez when I break down and badmouth (usually awkwardly) the Orange Baboon and someone asks me if I would prefer Hillary in the White House.

Mr. Flood’s Party is a long-gone barrooom on the Planet Ann Arbor. It used to be next door to our fave Oscar Tango. Nowadays an upscale kind of place occupies Mr. Flood’s old space. I bet it has a better bathroom than Mr. Flood’s Party had, which was a dirty one-terlet affair that you had to close with a hook like an old outhouse — but not MY family’s old outhouse because my parents were too cheap to put a door on that one 💩

DISCLAIMER: Arguably non-G-rated content ahead. I had an odd bathroom encounter with a high school acquaintenance acquaintance at Mr. Flood’s once. In the first place it is really odd for me to run into someone from high school here on The Planet Ann Arbor since I can’t think of another person around my age from Sault Ste. Siberia who lives here and this woman did not in fact live on The Planet. The GG and I had returned to town from a weekend somewhere and went downtown to Mr. Flood’s. Some band was playing there but we weren’t really there for the band. I went to use the bathroom and my acquaintenance acquaintance [TWICE, jeebus] was in there with a woman. She said she guessed that I didn’t really want to know what was going on in the bathroom and I agreed. Frankly, I don’t really EVER want to know much about what ANYONE is doing in the bathroom. Up until that time, I had had no clue about her preferences for partners so I can’t say it wasn’t a little surprising but what the heck? Apparently the band was a favorite with the lesbian community so I guess she was probably curious about my preferences but I was there randomly that night with my male husband. I for one am happy that we are now able to discuss this kind of issue more openly than we could when I had that ancient encounter at Mr. Flood’s. I hope we continue that trend.

Mr. Flood closed his party by posting a sign on the door saying, “It’s been surreal.”

Despite my reference to the orange baboon, this is not really a polly-tickle post although I grow more and more dismayed by our current president and his administration with each ham-fisted tweet. I am NOT a democrat and my issues are NOT about Hillary losing. I yearn for elected officials who will sit down and ANALYZE the requirements necessary to make policy and THINK THROUGH some of the unintended consequences their policies might have on living, breathing, often suffering human beings. I am a humanitarian (even if I don’t give money to every single blasted panhandler who lunges at me in the Plum Market parking lot) and I want something better than what we’ve got.

In other news, the Ninja was intermittently *rattling* whenever I had to idle on the way to work today and that was a lot because of all the stop lights. As it turns out it’s just the heat shield on the catalytic converter. Yay and good night!

2 Responses to “Old fossils”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I am beyond dismayed–more like horrified and dispirited. I think calling him a baboon insults baboons everywhere.

  2. isa Says:

    What was the band??? (Youth wants to know!)

    @Margaret lol/crying laughing emoji.