In which Homelandia is as hot as Hades

A year ago or so I was up here at the moominbeach telecommuting from the Lyme Lounge wearing smartwool socks and polar tech gear with a space heater blowing out warm air. Not to mention that it was raining cold cats and dogs for hours.

Before we headed north to the moomincabin today, we spent a lovely couple of days at Houghton lake with some of the GG’s beloved cFam members. It was hot there but a strong onshore breeze was blowing upon us most of the time, which helped to mitigate the heat situation. We headed off to the Yooperland at around 1:00 this afternoon, Lyme Lounge in tow. I think it was about 90 at Houghton Lake and I didn’t look at the Frog Hopper’s temperature readout for a long time. When I did, it was 98 degrees. What? We are in Michigan’s northern lower peninsula and every time we cross a freeway bridge, a sign warns us that bridges ice over. Yes, they do ice over, but not today. Because 98 degrees.

The temperature moderated to 80 as we crossed the Mackinac Bridge and then it headed up again. It was 90-something when we got to the moomincabin. Froggy and I went inside DIRECTLY to open all of the windows and put the screens in the doors and turn on the fans upstairs and down. We usually don’t have to do that kind of thing. It’s more frequent that the GG faaaaars up the propane stove… Last year when I was telecommuting during an equivalent week, I was wearing socks and polar tech stuff and had a space heater going in the Lyme Lounge. This year? Not so much. Distracted? Yes! Wanna make something of it?🐽 (I will be telecommuting though).

To my BELOVED cFam sisters-in-law: I LOVE YOU so much! During the whole weekend at Houghton Lake, I did not do one bit of cooking. I love to cook but given that I was focused on the next week at my own family’s place, it was wonderful to be able to sit back a bit. 🧡🧡🧡

3 Responses to “In which Homelandia is as hot as Hades”

  1. Paulette Says:

    Welcome back…And let’s hope the temperatures moderate somewhat for the upcoming festivities. It has been so hot that I haven’t gone to town to get a universal sim card for my phone for 3 days. Not even the car ac can motivate me to go. Of course during this heat wave we have no refrigematator which is only 2 years old. We are waiting on a part. Thank goodness for Pelican coolers and the 1940s GE fridge in the yellow cabin. Am I complaining? Wouldn’t think of it. I love when your family arrives as the beach seems so cheerful. Enjoy!

  2. l4827 Says:

    Is it hotter in Hades or in HL?

  3. Margaret Says:

    Wow, that’s some heat! We are having coolish 70s for the time being, going into the 80s in the middle of the week. I couldn’t handle 98!