Not sentimental

At least not in terms of this pic.

Oh man… When we moved The Commander into assisted living, she wanted a rocking chair. I mean one that fit into her small apartment. The GG swung into action and I fergit where we found this one but it used to be white.

I’m not sure how much The Comm actually used the chair. I think it is more a fave of the GG. It has sat out on the moomincabin deck for many years now and the last time I saw it the (white) paint was peeling like crazy.

Today… While I was hanging out in the Lyme Lounge telecommuting, the GG was scraping and painting like crazy (and there were big trucks going up and down our two-track road, which I hope is not a harbinger of something awful to come but I was working and trying not to pay attention).

So, the GG painted both sets of steps up to the moomincabin deck and then he painted this chair and here it is “baking” in the sun at the end of the day. I think it looks pretty dern good. This looks like a sentimental pic but it really isn’t.

I worked in the Lyme Lounge all day. It was loverly albeit a bit hot later on in the day. FZ ran our daily stand-up meeting and I had a great discussion with Amazon Woman during our weekly base-touching meeting. At the end of the day, I walked down to the beach and hung out on Bill’s Birch Point Beach Bank Bench with our family bridegroom for a while. I dunno what we do in our family, at least I’m not sure what I have done, but somehow we raise some good kiddos.

One Response to “Not sentimental”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You have a lot of family time and are close with many traditions and get togethers. That definitely builds a sense of family! I have good kiddos too and we did the same. That chair looks lovely!