Technical difficulties

Disclaimer 1: This is just a funny rock on the moomincabin deck. It has holes in it and somebody at some point dropped “eyeball” pebbles into those holes. So do not freak out.

Disclaimer 2: We are experiencing technical difficulties with email today (those few of you who ever email me might want to know that). I knew about this stuff because The Guru emailed me and all of his other rag-taggers that there might be issues with email as we get migrated to a newer and faster server. Me? I thought, “Fine! Most of my email is spam anyway…” Er, actually it is *not* “mostly” any more, maybe 50/50, but I delete most of it *anyway*. Floot Loop group? I read if I’m interested or if MMCB2‘s daughter posts. Birders? Sometimes, sometimes not. New Yorker and Wapo? If I don’t read any New Yorker or Wapo articles by end of the day, I delete those emails.

If I really need to talk to a friend or family member, with a few exceptions, I text them and vice versa.

So. I didn’t really care if my email worked for 24 hours or not. When I got home from my current Queen of Error Messages job, the GG was going through all kinds of gyrations trying to figure out how to get his email from his phone. I had failed to send him the Guru’s message. I do not know how many hours he spent trying to figger this thing out. I guess it kept him busy. In the end, I *think* he decided to chill out and wait for things to settle out. That’s what I’m doing. If you email me and it bounces, text me or do a facebook direct message. If you email me and I don’t reply right away, I’ll get it eventually.

G’night, Kayak Woman 🧡

PS. Being the Queen of Error Messages is a lot more fun than you might think. If the LSCHP were still around, I’d probably get an award for doing this thankless (but oddly interesting 🐸) task. He would probably also be trying to design the error messages… We are professionals who have no choice but to move on (i.e., the show must go on) but I still channel the LSCHP 🧡

One Response to “Technical difficulties”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I get a lot through email, so I would freak out. As long as I know it’s a glitch and something I’m not responsible for, I am mostly OK, although I always worry about missing or losing an important email. Silly.