Hoot Doog Bloog

This weekend…

Unpack from the last week at the moominbeach. No, I didn’t totally unpack yet. Preliminary repack for the next moominbeach sojourn. Re-pack clean laundry to take back “up north”. Get rid of all the OLD stuff in the refrigerator. Jeebus, I opened a “new” bottle of orange juice this morning (that I bought almost two weeks ago) and it was fermented. No thanks. Water for breakfast. (I don’t usually drink coffee on workdays.) Buy supplies to replenish the Beer Refrigerator (loved having all those guys over drinking beer on the moomincabin deck!)

When my beach urchins and I left the moomincabin last Sunday, I said at one point that I wished I were leaving it a little cleaner but that Suzy Homemaker (aka the GG), who was staying on another day or so could take care of some stuff. Sweeping, snagging every last piece of dirty linen to be washed, etc. I can do kitchens and bathrooms standing on my head with one hand tied behind my back so I left those as clean as I possibly could.

Actually it is easier to do the last bit of cleaning at the moomincabin if only one or two people are around. Any more than that and people are arguably in the way unless they can “own” a task that is out of the fray (like hauling chairs up from the beach, which we didn’t do last weekend because it’s still midsummer and we’ll be using those again). *I* was in the way last Sunday. It felt gooooood to be able to do the kitchen and bathroom stuff and load up the laundry and garbage and recycle, etc., and just get the heck outta Dodge. Suzy H is great at sweeping and vacuuming and stuff like that but even if we return to a bit of sand/pine needles/etc., on the floor/rugs, etc. I think we’ll live. But it sounds like he did do some good cleaning up.

At one point during the weekend I caught myself saying something about being the chief cook and bottle washer at the moomincabin. I did occupy that position for a number of years. One of those summers was a Bell’s Oberon summer and I spent a lot of time dredging orange slices out of the necks of beer bottles so I could wash them out. I am always happy to do any cooking and dish processing necessary but I can no longer call myself the chief. The GG takes care of most breakfasts and a lot of the grilling. I tend to try to organize the kinds of staples I think we might need up there, especially when folks are only going to be there for a short time, but our 20/30-somethings are all capable cooks. Like cBear, who whipped up a hoot doog lunch outta the blue last Saturday before the wedding. I didn’t think I was hungry but it was sooooo good.

One last thing. Savor some mid-summer Planet Ann Arbor-ness before we head north again.

2 Responses to “Hoot Doog Bloog”

  1. Isa Says:

    Hoooooot. Hoot doog! Frooooot loop!

  2. Margaret Says:

    Definitely easier to have just a couple people clean so others don’t get in the way. I like hanging around and drinking a couple beers; the ambiance is great and the conversation flows right along with the beer. 🙂