Midsummer Planet Ann Arbor-ness

We have been dealing with tech problems all day but we seem to have figured them out.

We were surprised at the farmers market this morning by our mouse, not that we spent a whole lot of time together.

We did chores around the landfill all morning and then walked down to the Griz for lunch. We haven’t been at the Griz for a couple weeks and wanted to make sure our bartender Janel knew that we were still alive. And that we would not be there again for a few weeks.

It was hot and humid today but light rain came through in the late afternoon and that has cooled things off a bit.

I originally had more to say but I think I am done. You’re welcome 🧡

One Response to “Midsummer Planet Ann Arbor-ness”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Sounds like a lovely, lazy summer day. I’ve been having quite a few (too many?) of those lately.