People (including me) will complain about the heat and humidity that happens during a typical southeast Great Lake State summer. I believe that we need enough of this kind of stuff that we appreciate the day that the snow starts to fly. This isn’t the hottest summer we’ve ever had here. We’ve had two in my experience where it was 90-100 degrees for days on end. But it has been a few years since we’ve had anything approaching sustained heat and I am appreciating this stuff for now. We have a big canopy of trees overhead and a “whole house” fan (which we are using) and central A/C (which we are not using and rarely use). We are surviving.

I did some chores today and a bit of replenishing supplies for the moomincabin. More Utility Beer and more olive oil and a few other things. Why do I not just buy a few big bottles of olive oil every summer. IT GETS USED! But mostly I sat around in the heat and read a book (Circe, if y’all wanna know — enjoying it). I have a shambling mound of stuff to pack going on in the Monster Bedroom and I added to that as I thought of things to take north. It is a lot less stuff than I used to take up there when I was young and the beach urchins were children. Only a couple of bags this time.

Mostly I listened to The Pensioner power-wash just about everything in sight. Kayaks, screen doors, and our loverly garbage/recycle/compost carts. They all needed it. I had thought we might actually GO kayaking down on the Huron today but by the time he finished with his prodjects it was afternoon and hotter than Hades and TP was ready for a shower and a nap and Mouse was on her way over for laundry and dinner.

2 Responses to “Sultry”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Hot here too, and not enjoying it. If I had central A/C I would definitely use it. 🙂 My lamented ex-boyfriend has shoes just like your husband’s, so that gave me a bit of a weep. Funny what will make us sad.

  2. Sam Says:

    Grew up with whole-house fan on H Road. Loved it for cooling AND white noise (although I did not know the term then…).