Input Masking, aka KW unearths yet another Hidden Feature at Cubelandia 🐽

So, this’ll be fun. I think. Our driveway has been an absolute disaster forever. This totally cracked up area is probably the worst. And actually it was even worse a year ago before The Pensioner flattened some of those slanted concrete pieces a bit. Can you imagine trying to unload groceries in that narrow space space between the Tree and the Ninja after an ice storm? Years ago I didn’t pay much attention but nowadays I tend to be a bit more careful about where I put my feet.

There are other issues, like the step up to our horrible little concrete porch is a non-standard height. And how water pools at the bottom of that step. And you know what pooled water does in the Great Lake State in winter, roight? Yes, it freezes. And driveway salt doesn’t do much good in that particular spot. It is on the north side of the house where the sun don’t nevahhh shine. And then there is the bottom of the driveway where it inelegantly meets the street in such a way that water pools BIGTIME and, again, what happens when pools of water freeze?

Here is the worst of the worst of the situation between the Tree and the Ninja. Much improved since TP got out there with a sledgehammer or whatever it was.

F-i-n-a-l-l-y, almost a year after our initial pursuit of this prodject, somebody is supposed to come over tomorrow and begin the process of redoing our driveway. I may have been so excited about this that I blahgged about it last fall when we THOUGHT we had someone lined up to do the work then. Alas, that fell through. This summer TP has been chasing somebody for a while and apparently has finally caught up with the guy. So tomorrow when I get back from my battles with input masks and draggable rows over at Cubelandia, my driveway will be forever changed, er, at least until Big Bugs attack Earth. Hopefully for the better.

Will we get rain or not? We were inundated over at Cubelandia today. The Landfill, a mere eight miles away? Not a drop. Severe storm warnings now. Bring it on!

2 Responses to “Input Masking, aka KW unearths yet another Hidden Feature at Cubelandia 🐽”

  1. jane Says:

    I got about 10 minutes of so-so rain this afternoon. we need it! with the thunder I thought we’d get a lot more, but no. the grass is very brown and dry – I don’t care about the color really, but it shows just how dry it has been.

    exciting news about your driveway!!

  2. Margaret Says:

    I would love a day of rain right now. Everything is SO DRY. And it’s too hot for me at 90. Glad the driveway will get fixed!