Great Green North

I can’t talk about today’s journey without starting with last night. It was raining cats and dogs at Gaylord and, as I was walking in from the front deck, I was met with this rather incongruous site. Yes, it is a Christmas tree, fully lit up. One of the things The Beautiful Gay and I have in common is our love for year-round twinkly lights. I do not have a place in my house to keep a [fake] xmas tree up year round but TBG keeps one on her back deck and with all the rain we had yesterday, this was a beautiful sight. Know that if this was December, the color outside those windows would be WHITE, not green!

We went out for a wonderful late dinner in Gaylord and then I pretty much crashed. I always sleep well at TBG’s house and this morning we had coffee and a wonderful breakfast on the front deck. I dunno if y’all can get the joke associated with the GG’s coffee mug here. If so, don’t be too hard on him as it is a woman with a great sense of humor who owns the mug.

We spent a loooong time on that deck this morning, solving the problems of the world or at least gossiping about family stuff, aka mostly their beautiful young grandchildren. And then. We got back on the road. I am always nervous about taking a photo from my phone while I am driving. Today was worse than usual because lots of things. Like… Lots of “lorries” on the bridge. I was driving stick. Because of all the “lorries” and related traffic, I had to keep shifting up and down. And then there is The Grate. I drove on The Grate the whole way across the suspension part of the bridge! when you are driving it in the Ninja, you feel like you are slithering around on ice the whole time. Why was I so calm today? I do not know. Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. (Those are my taaaaars on The Grate.)

St. Ignace Family Fare for whatever food we still needed and then we continued on up to Homelandia.

One Response to “Great Green North”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m assuming I’ve guessed the missing letter. 😉 Beautiful photos! I hate driving on grates too; they make me feel like I’m going out of control.