Yay for telecommuting.

Which is what I did today (and y’all are getting sick of hearing about it). At the end of the day, after I put quotes around about a billion field labels in error messages (you do NOT wanna know), I went down to the beach and this was my view.

I have to disclaim that as much as I appreciate that I have the blessing of my supervisor to telecommute from this beauteous place, I actually miss my loverly once-dog-poopy little cube down there in Cubelandia. I guess I am still pinching myself that I managed to fall backwards into this job and that I am still there even after some tough “right-sizing” in the last couple years.

I turned myself in the opposite direction from the beach to check out whether we have any blueberries growing on the bank this year. Well, not a whole lot but we do have some.

Last but definitely NOT LEAST!!!!! I could not get onto my blahg earlier today. I’m pretty sure I fat-fingered my pw a few times but that shouldn’t have made my blahg inaccessible. I tried re-a-starting everything I could think of. Nothing worked. I texted The Guru and he suggested re-a-starting the Wifi switch (or whatever you call it). Duh! Except I couldn’t figger out how to do it. I could see the switch up on the top shelf but I couldn’t figger where it plugged in. It is a different setup than a couple years ago when we had a couple different switches, one upstairs, one down. We may still have two switches but I couldn’t find one upstairs at all.

Eventually the GG came into cell phone service and I was able to ask. A simple unplug and plug at a regular old power outlet did the trick. I felt reaaaalllly stoopid for not being able to figger this out by myself but I am grateful to The Guru for double-checking on his end and for pointing me in what turned out to be the right direction. Orange hearts to all 🧡🧡🧡

2 Responses to “Yay for telecommuting.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I hate tech problems! They seem to be a constant of my life. Glad it got worked out!

  2. jcburns Says:

    Sure happy the WiFi is doing what it’s supposed to be doing! Glad you didn’t have to go on to step B, which would be to whack the router repeatedly with a large wooden spoon.