Floating through some vacay

I don’t guess I ever thought of myself as part of a 3-legged stool exactly but I suppose I will take it.

Our little 3-legged stool is intact here at the moominbeach at the moment with two thirds of it here at the moomincabin and the other third just across the parking lot at the Old Cabin. I am supposedly the host to the third that is staying at the moomincabin but as much as anything, I actually feel more like I am being taken care of than vice versa but that’s what happens when you are rooming with a Force of Nature!

We floated through this beautiful morning reading and sipping coffee until we finally decided to rustle up some breakfast. I offered to slow-cook some bacon (like yesterday) but UKW had another idea, which was breakfast burritos. Yes, yes, yes! I felt like a weeeee bit more coffee so I perked another pot thinking we really didn’t have to drink it all.

This turned out to be a good idea because the Mean Old Grunchy Old Grinchy (UKW’s brother, if I didn’t already say that) came along to have some coffee. By then, Warmer Outside Than In had taken effect and we drank our coffee on the miraculously insect-free moomincabin deck.

It was still calm and sunny at the end of that and UKW twisted my arm to go on a kayak ride. It has been a while since I have launched myself in a kayak but I womaned up and off we went for a gorgeous paddle over to Cedar Point, where we ended up floating for a while, looking down into the water at the rocks and fish – trout, we think, big ones. Too fast for me to get a pic. Oh well. Oh, and we watched freighters too. Lots of those today.

Back at the still sunny beach, a confab with [how many?] cousins. Six! All women, all four family branches represented. Until… Dun dun dun… That’s not the tallest thunderhead I’ve seen in my life but it is a pretty darn good one. At the first peal of thunder, we decamped back up to the moomincabin deck, where I observed birds scrambling like crazy.

Hello! KW here. I wrote all of that early in the day and I can’t remember what I was gonna write about next. I’ve had a great time alone with my cuzzint for a few days but now the GG is back (from his high school reunion) and more and more people are gonna be coming in and we are excited and ready for that. Yay for big families. Yay for summer. Love y’all. It turns out that the GG did NOT drink most of the Woodford Reserve in the last week. He decanted it to various other bottles. So there. I like the yellow sunglasses the best.💛💛💛

One Response to “Floating through some vacay”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Kayak Woman was an actual kayak woman! I have always wanted to be in a kayak. I love breakfast burritos!