A couple of my cousins are here at the moominbeach working on family archives and this is one of the artifacts they came up with. Is this woman having fun? (Is she having tooooo much fun?)

We tried to go to the dump Spectacle Lake overlook but there was a wedding set up there so we turned around to head down and UKW noticed that my GPS was proclaiming “Indian ahead”. Say what? We were on or adjacent to Native-owned land but “Indian ahead”?

This is the first (and largest) of two living crayfish we saw today. This one, at Iroquois Lighthouse, was five seven(?) inches long and going hell bent for I dunno where. We saw another one later on our own beach, about half the size.

An afternoon on the beach and a pie (blueberry/apple filling) made by UKW. I can make a pie to save my life but I did not really get any of the pie-making DNA, either from the Fin or MacMu side of my fam. Dishwashing DNA I seem to have in spades. (That’s one of The Comm’s vintage rolling pins in the pic.)

A beach walk after dinner while the pie cooled, a cute little jigsaw puzzle of our own Whitefish Bay, and company for pie. Add to this week’s missions? Lake Superior / Yooperland themed jigsaw puzzles.

We are having so much fun 🧡🧡🧡 (and rainbow sunglasses)

One Response to “Indian(a)head”

  1. Margaret Says:

    No pie making genes here either. I am OK with cake or cookies though. That woman looks like she is having too much fun indeed.