Once a head counter, always a head counter

I don’t buy big bunches of groceries too often any more, just whatever can fit in my backpack or a couple bags at the farmers market on Saturdays. But UKW is in town from the PACNW and we are expecting various folks to be in town over the next week or so and so we spent a good deal of time ricocheting around Meijer this morning, coming home with this haul. (Boxes of whine? Move along folks, nothing to see here.)

It was not a very loverly day here on the Shores of Gitchee Gumee. We were reminiscing about when we were kids here on the moominbeach and we could *always* get somebody’s mother to lifeguard us while we swam, no matter what the weather, even when it looked a lot like this.

And then… a creature emerged from the waves.

Or not… Actually it was the one head I was assigned to count today and hey, it wasn’t all that bad although I did have a winter-ish jacket on. And socks.

I was actually supposed to work today but I didn’t faaarrr up my laptop until afternoon and when I did it was only to turn on my auto-responder. I’ll be out of the office until… I have a work ethic that regularly threatens to knock me upside the head so I was feeling a wee bit guilty about playing hooky, so to speak. But then when I logged in, it turned out that the power was out for the SECOND DAY and no one was around. Obviously I didn’t miss much.

Dinner at Pickles with the Mean Old Grunchy Old Grinchy and now we have the propane stove on (to take the edge off) and I am kinda propping my eyes open. Hoping for a bit more of Mr. Golden Sun tomorrow. G’night. –KW

One Response to “Once a head counter, always a head counter”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I will take some of that chilly weather, please!!