Northern summer evening

We have had rather persistent northwest winds since we arrived at the moomincabin last weekend. Last night they died down enough that we could take the Motor Bote out for a spin. Here is the GG at the helm with me asking if we had enough gasoline to tool around the bay for a bit, not that I mind rowing home (like I had to do once last summer). But Bote Safety First. Do we have any gasoline?

We went around Round Guano Island and you can see some of the island denizens but not the cormorants, which I didn’t get a pic of.

The seagulls are getting ready to leave Guano Island. Family folklore has it that they leave on August 13 and return February 13. I doubt that those are the exact dates every year but they are pretty close.

We got back up to the moomincabin and I put my “pajamas” on. Meaning I was wearing my red Lands End nightshirt, a long skirt and a polartech jacket (and NOTHING ELSE butchya wouldn’t know that unless you had Xray eyes!). I am sure I am quite the sight in that outfit. But wait. An Old Cabin denizen arrived to invite us over for a wee bit of cheer. “But I’m in my pajamas!” Oh what the heck. It is just next door and it is FAMILY. So we went *anyway*, pajamas and all.

And so here is my uber-cuzzint The Grand Poohbah working on her latest quilting prodject. Yes, she likes bright colors! I insisted that she use that red piece of fabric in the block she was working on (on the right in the pic). She tried to replace it with other choices a few times but I would have NONE OF IT. When we left last night, the red was still there but y’know, she is the artist and if she wants to change to another fabric, it is not my bizniss. Disclaimer: I have done various quilting prodjects in my life so I know how hard it can be to pick fabrics (I am on hiatus from fiber arts for the time being).

If I had crashed out early, I would have missed this last shot, taken from the Old Cabin Front Porch.

I spent my first six summers in the Old Cabin and me and a bunch of my cuzzints slept on that front porch a lot of that time. I remember when we got thunderstorms in the middle of the night. Parents and aunts and uncles would rush out there to close the windows and comfort us and my great-aunt Elizabeth would tell us it was the gods rolling bowling balls.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    You have (and are making) so many great memories!