Whenever I leave work for a few weeks and my co-workers wish me a good vacay, I always say something like, “You know I’ll be back butt-in-seat Monday the whatever.” Because that’s always how it goes and I am not butt-in-seat THIS Monday but it won’t be long, alas. So, when was it? Thursday, July 26th. Uber Kayak Woman landed at Chippewa County International Airport and completed the FinFam 3G 3-legged stool.

Today, sadly, we dropped UKW off at the airport for her journey homeward to the PACNW. I mean her longtime adopted home when I say this. Her real home is here on the moominbeach. We had a morning of beach walking, kayaking, and swimming, and then 10 of us met up at Penny’s Kitchen for a farewell lunch, including Bugs and Horsey 🧡. Our 3-legged stool has been a bit teeter-y since our Uber Cuzzint Pooh left last week. Today I am on my own again, the only leg left.

It’s okay. I am well supported with my own beach urchins and their friends and UKW’s son and SO are also here and SO is cooking a wonderful dinner in The Commander’s 1960 kitchen, pizza and eggplant parm! This is not the fanciest kitchen on earth but somehow it works for just about anyone who uses it. I’m not sure the old gal knew what she was doing when she designed this teensy tinesy little galley kitchen with the yellow counters but it seems to work.

It was hot and humid most of the day, also gray skies and intermittent light rain showers here at the moominbeach. The airport was a bit different as a deluge blew through a bit before UKW’s flight took off but she texted me when she got to Metro and the flight was fine.

And then, as we sat on the deck this afternoon, the temperatures dropped a bit and we all went for our socks. UKW bought me these loverly striped socks. I managed to get ONE measly pair of smart wool socks up here and they quickly developed holes. Oh darn! I was gabbling about getting more socks at Barishes in Sault Ste. Siberia (the owners are old neighbors from my childhood on Superior Street). But then, we were in town doing bizness and I waved off UKW’s offer of a trip to Barishes in favor of drying laundry but she went there and bought me these socks and I am using them!

I just heard some botes blow master salutes so I guess I should head down to the beach. G’night! KW! 🧡🧡🧡

3 Responses to “Sox”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Such a great place to meet up with the fam. Love the socks too!

  2. Pooh Says:

    Sorry that Aimee had to leave, but happy that she finally got back to the cabin! Also glad to hear that Bugs and Horsey got to join you at PK. Love…

  3. jane Says:

    Penny’s Kitchen is either loving or hating our clan this summer. I will guess ‘loving’. 😉