Who is that guy in the red pants?

Well. It is not a guy. It is Chrissy the Police Mouse. I found her *alone* in a box next to the seat all those aminals are hanging out in so I put her up with them. Softy Beanbag is there too and you might be able to see parts of Green Guy and we have no clue what the heck Froggy is doing.

I bought Chrissy at Kroger way back when. She cost $4.00. Yes, really. A $4.00 grocery store mouse. In a way, I think I rescued her. She is worth a lot more than $4.00 to Mouse (who loves her) and meeeee. Chrissy helped me wrangle my loverly mouse child long ago when my mouse child didn’t necessarily want to do the things that I needed her to do.

This morning was filled with beloved folks leaving and arriving. Gray and foggy and windy for most of the day. I am always a bit unsettled when people are in flux, so I just hung out for the duration and eventually we all ended up down on the bank. I did a lot of reading today. I am reading a series of novels by William Kent Krueger. It’s a crime genre, which is not my usual thing but these take place in northern Minnesota in the Boundary Waters area and I am loving the whole thing. Iron Lake is the first book and Cork O’Connor is the protagonist and UKW turned me on to the series. It seems to be the right thing for this summer.

And HB to My Dear Uncle Harry. He is 91 today. Jeebus. We took a couple of gifts over to the Old Cabin. A couple of pieces of sour cream blueberry crumble (made by Mouse) and some fake logs for the faaaarplace. I’m not sure that Harry was all that crazy about the fake logs. I know that he likes to buy his own wood and also that he is very particular about kindling. Love to Bugs and Horsey (Harry) 🧡

One Response to “Who is that guy in the red pants?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Love William Kent Krueger! Good reads. My favorite book by him isn’t in that series though. “Ordinary Grace” is wonderful; we read it in Book Club, and it was a fantastic discussion book.