Bizness and tourista stuff

So this morning was work for me. UKW was trying to convince me to do some laundry on Monday morning before she flew back outta here. I said NO WAY! We are not spending your last morning here at the Up North laundromat. I am a washerwoman from waaaaay back and I wrangled a bunch of laundry today and here is my view of the *one* triple loader I used today. Back in the day, I usually filled *three* triple loaders.

I dropped off umpteen bazillion things at the recycle before I got to the laundromat and then I put gas in the Ninja and then I dropped off something like $7.00 worth of returnable bottles at Meijer, and then I bought grokkeries at Meijer…

And then… I got back out here and we did some tourista type stuff… Which was the Spectacle Lake overlook.

And a quick stop at the Iroquois Lighthouse.

And then a late lunch at Pickles.

And finally, we got back to the moomincabin and we kayaked and swam and napped and watched the sun head down toward the horizon.

And now we are hearing storms rolling through out in Whitefish Bay.

One Response to “Bizness and tourista stuff”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Laundry, ugh. The bane of my existence. I don’t have much of it to do these days either, but I may have to fire up my iron. (not a good ironer)