Orange Doodly Alert

Okay. Was yesterday a punt? Yes, it was… I could blame the *beloved* last-minute dinner/overnight guests but I won’t. I would much rather have spent time with them than doing another day’s worth of paint-drying blather. Actually, the last couple of days, I have been dealing with a crippled keyboard. The A, S, L, and I dunno what other keys (G for one) did not work all that well. Just try logging into your laptop with a password that contains three As. I suspect moisture (and NOOOOOO it was NOT a whine issue). I am still having intermittent issues but hoping that this thing’ll dry out over time. But still, typing was painful, as was using my iPhone to blahg, as was using the GG’s laptop, since my photos are on MYYYYY laptop. I won’t go into the details except that it was complicated.

But I am back today, the penultimate day of my vacay and you may think that my post title has something to do with the Orange Baboon but I am trying to take an Orange Baboon holiday. Some would argue that I haven’t actually taken much of a holiday but what are you gonna do when the OB twitters and twatters his bizarre theories about the faaaars in California among other things. I want to look away but it can be hard for a person who deals in facts and data and requirements and routinely (but ever so politely) cross-examines people who use Word Salad to make Vague Statements. I am corn-fused. What *are* you talking about?

The Orange Doodly I am talking about relates to our own Mayor / Road Commissioner, who is currently driving up and down the Cabin Road in his Orange Doodly, grading it. We greatly appreciate his steadfast diligence in keeping our two-track beach community road up to snuff.

Finally, the beastie in the pic is not a hummingbird. It is a hummingbird MOTH. This is the GG’s photoooo, which I asked him to text me a while back. I saw the moth but didn’t take the time to determine if it was a moth or an actual hummingbird (we had them here when The Commander used to put out food), not to mention the patience to get a pic.

2 Responses to “Orange Doodly Alert”

  1. Pooh Says:

    I had a hummingbird moth buzzing (humming) around my neck when we returned to the cabin from a bike ride. It sounded like a very large bee, but I relaxed when Mark saw what it was. He ran off for his camera, but I handed my camera to Harry, and whispered how to use it. I don’t know which photo made the blog. They are almost as big as hummingbirds!

  2. Margaret Says:

    I’ve blogged once or twice from my cell and it WAS painful. I do have my laptop with me in NY, but need to process the trip once I get home. There is so much to talk about.