Quickie because…

…Man oh man, I could not type ANYTHING into this thing for a while and WP was making me LOG IN *AGAIN* and I couldn’t type my dad-blasted password in… … …(this is not the guru’s fault, it is wordpress and my laptop)

Today is my last day in the yooperland until we come back to close the place up. We all went swimming this afternoon but these pics are from last night. First, the GG kayaking into the Sun Bridge, the one I used to dream of walking when I was a small child here.

And then here are the beach urchins swimming and I have to quit after this. Back to The Planet tomorrow today (because I never got this posted last night🐽). Alas.

2 Responses to “Quickie because…”

  1. jcburns Says:

    Are you *sure* it’s not my fault⸮

  2. Margaret Says:

    Websites and computers can be quite wonky. I’ve been having trouble with my comcast email and have had to restart several times. Bah.