Deeeeeeeeeee-compressing (good thing my “e” key is working well (knock on wood))

This photo is a bit more boring than some of the other ones I’ve posted recently but at least it is colorful, right?

I cannot count how many times today I said [to myself and Frooggy, who was riding shotgun but was NOT much help] things like, “What the HELL is going on now?” or “G-D-it!” or “Holy Crap!” or simply “*sshole!”. Can you guess where I spent my afternoon? If you guessed Southbound I75 SUV Speedway on a SUNDAY, you win the booby prize. The absolute worst was when we were in a s-l-o-w-d-o-w-n and I glanced in my driver’s side mirror and was horrified to see some yahooooooo coming within inches of sideswiping (or worse) my Ninja as he wildly wove in and out of the S-L-O-W traffic. I watched with bated breath as he nipped back into the lane to the left and then back into my lane, which was also the lane that both of the beach urchins were traveling in, directly in front of me. PLEASE don’t hit my children. He didn’t. Whew!

I dunno. It wasn’t the worst trip down. Mainly a few short slowdowns. Until. Dun dun dun. Mouse and I were a few miles north of The Planet Ann Arbor (Liz parted ways with us in Flint). In fact, if I had exited onto North Territorial and taken Whitmore Lake down to Joy and cut over to N. Maple, I’d’ve missed it all. My Mouse was still ahead of me and there is enough Mother Bear stuff still in my soul that I couldn’t “abandon” my (30-plus) child to ride out a traffic jam while I took the beautiful back roads. I know that sounds stupid. I bet Mouse thinks it’s stupid. Still. A long time ago, someone said, “Once you are born from a mama, you are STUCK to her.” It works the other way ’round too. (Disclaimer: it was NOT Mouse who said that. She was more likely to say something like, “I’m going to go find aNOTHER mother!”)

Anyway, the map looks worse than it was in a way. The red-and-white stuff down below The Planet represents a part of the I94 18-Wheel Slogway that is actually CLOSED. We did not have to deal with that AT ALL! But what the map does NOT show is that it was raining cats and dogs the whole time we were navigating the mess. The accident? Looked like a fender bender, probably caused by people going tooooo fast, tailgating, weaving wildly in/out of traffic, and maybe inclement weather.

So, all three of us are FINALLY home and I have not done ANYTHING to unpack except to get everything into the house. Well, okay, I did throw a bunch of moomincabin leftovers into the refrigerator. Other than that, it can all wait. I am sitting out in the back yard listening to insects and motorcycles and missing the grokking of the ravens and the foghorns that blew all morning. Decompressing.

2 Responses to “Deeeeeeeeeee-compressing (good thing my “e” key is working well (knock on wood))”

  1. Sam Says:

    And I thought ATL traffic is bad! hahaha (well, sometimes it’s HORRRRRible)

  2. Margaret Says:

    Raining a lot on our way from Poughkeepsie to NYC and we saw a truck that had gone completely off the road. (overdriving the conditions I’m sure!)