Flora and fauna and whatever other cosmic debris is floating around

I hope this fish-fly wing/carcass pic doesn’t creep anyone out. I am afraid of VERY few non-poisonous insects (I help spiders to safety frequently) but there are a couple of surprising insect species that I am horribly phobic about and when some of y’all post pics of them, I recoil in horror. I think this creature was smashed onto the side of the moomincabin refrigerator for probably a few weeks before I finally saw it. The tape (or whatever it is) is almost more gross. Nevertheless, I did not “clean it up”. I’m not sure if Suzy Homemaker took care of it after I left or not. Once we were at Hoton Lake in March and I decided I was DONE with skiing for the year, so I cleaned out the refrigerator and there in one of the crisper drawers was a fish fly from nine months before. I have no clue how that guy managed to hide from The Beautiful Gay for all those months.

On the flora side of things, it seems like we might get a few homegrown tomatoes and peppers here this year! No pics today but our yard is challenging for growing veggies but nevertheless, HE persisted, so this is a win!

What else? Oh yeah, butt in seat… My work BF and I both landed from a few weeks outta town today. Apparently I wasn’t expected until tomorrow. I must’ve given the wrong date. Oh well. Not only was he outta town, he was outta country. His out-laws have a place in Cananada. You drive up to Sault Ste. Siberia, go across the International Bridge, hang a right, and head down Highway 17 East a way and then In Country to beautiful glacial lakes. They do not have lucky-shucky or indoor plumbing and have to open and close the place during the couple weeks they spend there each summer. This is a multi-generational family property like the moomincabin and therefore priceless and my friend seems to appreciate that 🧡

I have FINALLY put a load of laundry in. I was gonna do that this morning but I didn’t get up until 7:00 AM! I was “late” to work as it was, albeit not as late as the CRD thought I was when he encountered me returning from a lunchtime errand and apparently thought I had just arrived for the day.

Sorting the mail? I had the mail held for three weeks. It came today. I opened up the recycle cart and placed the pile of mail on the top of the adjacent garbage cart and started flinging. I cannot tell you how many pieces of mail were in that pile but I think I flung about 98% of what was in there, mostly catalogs and polly-tickle flyers and other random pieces of spam. I think I saved maybe seven pieces of mail and I even recycled the envelopes for the three (?) pieces of mail out of that seven that were addressed to me. How not to be a hoarder, #1! Go me!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I sort my mail after a trip just like you do. There is always way more that goes into the recycle these days. What bugs do you not like? I hate earwigs myself.