Skirts for warmth

Hokay… After two mornings without orange juice, I had to make a grokkery run after work. And then. I folded the (clean!) moomincabin laundry. That was not a problem (for any little pitchers with big ears who might be listening in). Laundry is a no-brainer. Well, except that it was hot enough that my legs started to sweat under the long skirt I like to wear after work. Hot here today although I doubt it’s 93 like Mr. Faaaaarwood told the GG on the phone today. More like 88, maybe. Anyway. The problem with the moomincabin laundry is that I have almost completely lost track of what sheets we have (The Commander is NOT smiling down on me at this moment), except for some single bed sheets the beach urchins bought at Tarjay a few eight(!) years ago. I will not go into detail. A part of me wants to re-a-start the whole sheets thing at the moomincabin and buy a couple sets of sheets for each bed. But we have also kinda been re-thinking what kind of beds we have there and what kind of beds we neeeeeed. And then there’s the water-heater-in-bedroom situation… Complicated issues that need “requirements” and “prioritizing” sessions. Do I sound like a prodject manager? (Don’t answer that!)

Anyway, when I got home, do you think I could open my Disco Lock? Nooooooo. I got home on Sunday after being away for three weeks and my phone opened Disco Lock like a charm then and since then, it has been locking and unlocking like nobody’s business, including this morning. This afternoon? It wanted me to LOG IN! Do you have any idea how hard it is to log in to an app on an iPhone X when you are standing outside your [locked] front door juggling, lemme see: work laptop, purse, lunchbag, mail, grokkery bag? Without dropping the [expensive] iPhone X? Not happening. I used the physical key to get in, put all of my cosmic debris down, looked up the password for Disco Lock, and re-opened the app. Problem? They had apparently done an update!!!!!!!! WHY DID YOU GUYS NOT TEXT ME about the blasted update? I could’ve looked up the blasted password and logged on to the app from work or at least I’d’ve known I would need to put my blasted pw in (or use the physical key). First world problems, I know.

Skirts are warm! We were sitting on the moomincabin deck last Saturday night and npJane was chilly. She said something about going home to get long pants on and I countered with something like, “You can borrow one of my long skirts!” and she took me up on it. npJane has been known to wear dresses and skirts but I think she is mainly a pants person. She wears them well and I doubt she would ever wear my long blue skirt out in public but she ROCKED it that night. It even matches her flip-flops. Is there a beer in the pic? Move along folks, nothing to see here.

2 Responses to “Skirts for warmth”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Love the skirt, but I don’t like the feel of long skirts for some reason. It seems like updates mess up everything; if I need passwords for things, I am often at a loss. (especially if I’m not at home where my 3 by 5 card is!)

  2. l4827 Says:

    We also have a 3 by 5 card (pw, phone number) backup plastic box…