Rain, please?

It actually isn’t all that parched around here, at least not in the Landfill yard. Other folks in the area have different opinions. My impatiens are voluptuous and we have tomatoes up the wazoo although I have found only a few ripe ones yet. (Of course, it’s possible that our plants were watered a bit while we were away. TX if that is so. If not, our plants did well on their own 🐸) But rain? The forecast earlier today was for rain to begin at something like 3:00 AM. But then I got a weather alert a while ago that was talking about popup tstorms well south of us. Not gonna hit us, I thought. Now the wind has come up a bit and the skies are looking darker. We’ll see what develops.

I got to meet MMCB for COOOOOOFFFFFEEEEE this morning for the first time in a month. It’s not about the coffee although I look forward to my mid-week coffee fix. Just that these are friends that I have known for a bazillion years that I can kvetch to about stuff that my fam is taaaarrred of hearing me kvetch about. They do reciprocal kvetching and we all laugh uproariously (or tsk if that is more appropriate).

Okay, I just heard a bunch of nuts or whatever landing on the metal roof of the shed in the back of the yard. I yelled, “What the f*ck?” And then… Because I thought I could hear 3-year-old Becquet in the next yard, I yelled something like, “What are you squirrels doing?” It is up to her parents to introduce the F-word to her, not me. (I’m guessing they already have because life, even 1st world life…) I remember once when one of the beach urchins was still using a bottle from time to time. She was able to find her own bottle by that time and once she encountered one that had been forgotten somewhere in the moomincabin and went stale and rotten. She told her grandmother (The Commander) that she didn’t want that “shitty old bottle”. You might be able to guess that The Comm, who was [arguably] careful not to use any swear words in front of her own children, gnoffed and gnoffed and gnoffed.

Followups? 1) I keep my passwords in an iPhone app. I know that if the apocalypse happens, I won’t be able to dredge them out but if the apocalypse happens, it won’t matter because we won’t have the internet anyway. 2) Long skirts (or even skirts in general) are not for everyone. I love them but I am careful about not tripping over them.

One Response to “Rain, please?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    How tall are you? I think taller women look fantastic in long skirts. I’m 5’3″ and in my opinion, look ridiculous in them. Also one of my best features is my legs. 🙂 I have lots of tomatoes too; they just need to ripen. I’m sure I’ll have a ton of them in September.