Insect antithesis?

I guess this guy is the antithesis of the one non-poisonous insect that I am phobic about (if you know, sshhh, don’t tell🐗). He is so, I dunno, thin. I was schlepping the compost out this morning when he caught my eye. For a split second I thought he was just a little stick but something made me go back inside for my phone for a pic and information. I do think he is a walking stick.

I am a little concerned that he is still in roughly the same place this evening. I hope he is alive. I’m not sure an exterior Landfill wall is his natural habitat. And then there was The Pensioner, who landed today Lyme Lounge in tow. When I said, “The walking stick is still here”, he came out to see what I was talking about and thought it was the broom that hangs a few feet away. Nope. I always thought brooms were flying aids🐽

That’s about enough I think. G’night.

One Response to “Insect antithesis?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I do know and won’t tell. My nemesis is the earwig.